Iā€˜m Peng.

I build stuff for myself.

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August 2022
Encrypt before upload
PreCloud - Encrypt before upload
January 2022
Meal planner and shopping list.
Chi 吃 - Meal planner and shopping list | Product Hunt
January 2022
Simple numbers tracker, manually :)
December 2021
Save all links in 1Link.
1Link - Save all links in 1Link | Product Hunt
December 2021
Every morning I will manually note down one price of BTC and ETH.
December 2021
Browse tweets person by person.
Browse twitter - Browse tweets person by person | Product Hunt
November 2021
Art like the famous Autoglyph
Glyph - Start the day with 1 glyph art | Product Hunt
October 2021
250.000 artworks in one place.
October 2021
Codify images - Decompose any image with some letters | Product Hunt